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Saklar Rania  Accessories Intermediate Switch. 4-Way Black Frame  In Bb. Bc. Bn. Sb. Sc Or Sn
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13 Nov 2017
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IDR 1.360.800


Saklar Rania  Accessories Intermediate Switch. 4-Way Black frame  In BB. BC. BN. SB. SC or SN

The Complimentary Rocker Switch Intermediate allows you to match all your other Lutron control switches in your home. Functions as a standard intermediate rocker switch.
The minimum back box depth to be used with this fitting is 35mm. Do not exceed the maximum wattage of 10 amps.


  • General
  • Colour Bright Brass(BB), Bright Chrome(BC),Bright Nickle(BN),Satin Brass(SB),Satin Chrome(SC) or Satin Nickle(SN)
  • Construction Metal / Plastic
  • IP Rating IP00 - No special protection against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture (e.g. dripping, spraying, submersion, etc.)
  • Dimensions
  • Depth 29mm
  • Length 86mm
  • Width 86mm
  • Electrical
  • Voltage 240V

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