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Saklar Lyneo Dimmer In BB. BC. BN. SB. SC or SN
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14 Des 2017
1 unit
IDR 1.801.800


Saklar Lyneo Dimmer In BB. BC. BN. SB. SC or SN


  • Full family of products for most lighting sources including slide-to-off dimmer, preset dimmer with separate on/off button, preset dimmer with separate on/off button with status light
  • Slide up and down to change light level
  • Position of slider indicates light level
  • Mechanical switch to turn lights on/off
  • LED status light
  • Installs like a switch
  • Preset models are suitable for multi-location control with standard switches


  • 220-240V, 50 Hz
  • CE approved
  • Backbox with a depth of at least 35mm recommended
  • Maximum wattage 500 W, minimum wattage 40W
  • Precise colour consistency
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Voltage Compensation
  • Triac based dimmer with leading edge capability
  • Electronic discharge protection
  • Colours: Bright Brass(BB), Bright Chrome(BC),Bright Nickle(BN),Satin Brass(SB),Satin Chrome(SC) or Satin Nickle(SN)

The Lyneo is an easy-to-use slide dimmer designed for use in traditional-style openings. It's available as either preset or slide-to-off model. Slide up and down to create the perfect mood or ambiance.


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