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Saklar International Seetouch Qs Wallstations 8-Button With Raise-Lower. In Ar. Aw. Or Mc
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08 Nov 2017
1 unit
IDR 4.170.600


Saklar International Seetouch QS Wallstations 8-button with raise-lower. in AR. AW. or MC


  • Often used to select and adjust scenes.
  • Large, rounded buttons are easy to use.
  • Backlit buttons with optional engraving make it
    easy to find and operate the Wallstation in low light
  • Optional button engraving is angled up to the eye for
    easy reading.
  • The LEDs next to each button are used during
    programming and provide feedback when the buttons
    are pressed.
  • Master raise/lower brightens or dims all lighting or
    raises/lowers all assigned shades in the last selected
    scene or toggled group.
  • Functions as two independently programmable
    controllers. Left column mimics a 3-button column
    and right column mimics a 5-button column.
    Wallstation can control two lighting zones, two shade
    zones, or one of each. Or can function as one shade
    group control where the right keypad controls the
    group of shades indicated by the left keypad.
  • Shade control features (E01 engraving):
    Used to control multiple groups of shades
    independently from a single-gang keypad (e.g., a
    window with a sheer shade and a blackout shade).
    Can control Sivoia
    QS Window Treatments.
    Pressing the Open (or Close) button once will cause
    the window treatments to move to their fully open
    (or closed) position. Tap any button (regardless of
    function) to stop a shade that is in motion.
    Three (3) programmable preset buttons.
  • Receives up to two contact closure inputs via a
    connector on the back of the Wallstation.
  • Colour :  Argentum(AR),Arctic White(AW),Mica(MC)

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