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Saklar Grafik Eye Qs Qsgrk-3Pce-Twh
Saklar Grafik Eye Qs Qsgrk-3Pce-Twh
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02 Nov 2017
1 unit
IDR 13.293.000


Saklar Grafik Eye QS QSGRK-3PCE-TWH
Grafik Eye QS Wireless with Dali is the premier energy-saving lighting and shade control. Grafik Eye QS features anastronomic timeclock, intuitive lighting presets, and direct shadecontrol, which are seamlessly integrated with Dali-compliant output devices, and Lutron?s QS components and systems.

Now with wireless technology and an integral Dali-compliant bus supply, you can use the Grafik Eye QS Wireless with Dali to control digital loads and shades without interfaces, and integrate with a variety of Lutron wireless products and systems, including Radio Powr Savr occupancy and vacancy sensors, Sivoia QS Wireless shades, Pico wireless control, and other Grafik Eye QS wireless units. Additionally, the GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless is compatible with all Lutron wired QS products and systems.

Additionally, the Grafik Eye QS Wireless is compatible with all Lutron wired QS products and systems.

Fully customizable preset light and shade control system

Set your lights and shades just right for any task or activity in any room, in any building, commercial, institutional, or residential. Easily recall these settings with the touch of a button. The new Grafik Eye QS provides convenient control and enhancement of the visual environment for the people inside the space.

Grafik Eye QS improves architectural lighting control

Simple to operate

Large ,engravable, backlit buttons and an information display with multiple language options.

Easy to design and integrate.

Connects directly to shades, occupancy sensors, and power modules that can handle magnetic and electronic low-voltage transformers interchangeably. Also connects to A/V devices and building management control systems.

Saves energy and complies with codes

Energy savings indicator, built-in astronomical and programmable time clock, direct connection to occupancy sensor for manual on/ automatic off, and the ability to dim lights to specific preset levels address ASHRAE, IECC, and Title 24 energy codes.

More architectural options

Selectable number of shade zones (0, 1, 2, or 3) and 39 colour and finish options.
Colour  White
Construction  Steel
Depth  60mm
Length  119mm
Width  239mm
Maximum Wattage  2000W
Maximum Wattage per Circuit  500W

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